About Us

Contech Power Products is an end-to-end energy solutions company that consults, designs, automates and manufactures various energy optimization techniques, thereby delivering energy savings across multiple industries.

At Contech Power Products, through our future-ready technologies and a blend of an experienced and passionate leadership team, we're confidently shaping a greener and better future, today. This credo is reflected in our unwavering commitment to delivering long-term value creation for our valued clients. Spearheading our energy efficiency efforts is our flagship product, the SmartPO, a unique industrial electrical system designed to monitor, control, and reduce energy consumption. The SmartPO, is an LT side series electrification system, is an ML/AI-driven technology proven to deliver savings between 8-12% savings in energy units (KWH).

We take pride in helping some of the leading companies in India and the world develop a better bottom line, while also building a better future.

Cornerstones of Contech

We, at Contech Power Products, focus on two cornerstones for long-term value creation for our valued clients – Energy Efficiency & Technology.

Our Vision

Technology & Innovation for a Cleaner and Greener Future.

The modern world’s rapid urbanization and industrial expansion have undoubtedly put an enormous strain on our environment and natural resources. Acknowledging this stark reality, a majority of developing and developed world economies have already set in motion various plans targeting net zero carbon emissions over the next 50 years. We at Contech, driven by our cornerstones, are committed to deploying solutions that enable all our clients to either create or expand their green initiatives, hence contributing towards building an "Emission Free" world for future generations to not just exist, but flourish.