SmartPO (Smart Power Optimizer) is an advanced AI/ML-based Power optimization system that delivers increased efficiency and reduction of losses, through operation at the optimal slip level based on the predicted load curve. The SmartPO, using our patented ML/AI algorithm for impedance matching and predicted load curve, delivers a steady output at distribution points by varying the Voltage and Current at an optimal level as necessitated by load operating conditions.

All our SmartPO panels come inbuilt with our patented Neurosense EMS, which provides clients with a single sign-on dashboard to monitor all aspects with regard to power quality and consumption trends. It is also critical for us to provide an in-depth analysis and eventually prove the savings on a mutually agreed baseline. For more details and snapshots, please visit the Neurosense EMS page or click here.


Direct Savings in Kwh and Energy Consumption cost reduction between 8-12%.

Demand side management - Peak demand reduction (KVA) up to 8-10%.

Optimized and clean power by impedance matching through series electrification technique.

Better power quality suppressing spike/surge, inrush and transients.

Protection of Electronic circuits and VFDs.

Deliver pure sine waveform by filtering both utility power and solar PV input

Reduced maintenance cost and early ageing of equipment

Safety from Short circuit and single phasing.

SMARTPO® at Client Sites

4 Panel with total capacity of 750 KVA for bleaching powder plant at leading chemical company in Punjab.

375 KVA installation at a chemical company in Gujarat.